Fitness Courses

Understanding which fitness courses are right for you.

People want good fitness courses in order to get fit and then stay fit.  So what exactly does fitness mean? And which fitness course is right for you?

What is fitness?

For this website we are interested in your physical fitness.  Therefore, in our case, fitness means having the body capabilities that enable you to perform physical activities successfully and without leaving you feeling that physical exercise is beyond you.  That is a simple summary of one medical description of fitness published in relation to sports medicine.

Being physically fit means being able to perform physical activities.  But it goes beyond that. It is the ability not just to run a mile but to do so over and over again.  In the gym it means not just lifting heavy weight but doing so over and over again.  It involves a higher intensity of exercise than an unfit person would achieve.

High levels of overall fitness are reliant on you being able to breathe satisfactorily whilst under intense activity.  It also needs your heart to be able to pump sufficient blood around your body so that muscles are supplied with the vital oxygen needed for intensive physical performance.

You’ll also need to develop muscle strength and the ability for your muscles to endure intensive exercise over extended periods of time.  Of course you will also need a body that is flexible and not stiff, over weight or incapable of bending.  To a degree that is affected by what you eat so diet or nutrition is part of your physical fitness.

Other people have come up with their own definitions and within the fitness sector there is a lot of discussion and argument about what constitutes fitness.  However,  the above gives a usable guide to what most people want to achieve from their fitness courses.

The simple title, fitness courses, covers a lot more complexity than somebody might initially imagine.  For that reason, and to guide you through this website, we have included a description of the individual topics you will find on these pages.

The main fitness topics we cover within the more important pages include:

  • Fitness Courses for you to get fit which includes Fitness For Women
  • Men’s Health And Fitness.  Here you will find specific training courses and individual workouts.
  • Fitness Courses for people who need certification or qualifications to work in  fitness.
  • Fitness Equipment
  • Nutrition For Fitness
  • Weight Loss

This plan shows you where to find the information you are looking for:

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These main topics can be accessed from the top drop down menu except the blog news posts which are listed in the right side bar.  The side bar also gives you a list of the main individual pages.  Just click any of the links to take you direct to the information you want to read.

Fitness journal

Apart from important information pages you will also find a lot of news stories and those are contained within the Fitness Blog.  We think of it like a regular fitness journal to keep you up to date.

It is impossible to publish all the news about fitness so we select those items we believe are most important to the majority of our followers.  The fitness journal is where you can see the latest news about fitness courses, both those already in use and new ones.