Fitness Training Courses

When people think of fitness training courses they frequently get a mental image of the local gym and a few people working the personal trainer equipment, exercise machines and weights.  That’s a long way from reality because fitness courses online and offline cover numerous different requirements and include many and varied methods.

Apart from actually doing some physical training many courses, especially those for people going into fitness careers, also cover areas of fitness theory.

That is a very interesting and essential part of the knowledge needed by a professional fitness trainer.  It is also of great interest to serious fitness enthusiasts because it enables them to understand how they need to exercise in order to achieve their goals.

Good fitness training will include many health topics

  • Learning about the major body muscles, bones and nerves to understand how they work together.
  • An understanding of the cardiovascular system and how it is affected by lifestyles.
  • Discovering how energy is created and then used by muscles.
  • Practicing good personal training methods and techniques.
  • Understanding the range of physical capabilities of different people.
  • Proper planning of fitness programs.

Personal trainer courses

To become a top class certified personal trainer requires a dedication not just to the physical part of fitness but also to the theory.  The rewards, both financial and in personal satisfaction, can be substantial.  A personal trainer salary can be very attractive.  Some even start their own fitness business.

Others prefer to become a gym instructor.  Gyms attract a wide variety of members and teaching them how to train correctly can be both challenging and rewarding.  You will have time to get to know people and share their enjoyment when good results are achieved.  You’ll see them build their fitness, generate new confidence and design individual programs for continuing performance.

Once qualified you have the opportunities to:

  • Work in a health and fitness environment as a gym instructor.
  • Progress to a manager’s post.
  • Teach individuals and groups.
  • Plan fitness training programs for individuals and groups.
  • Become a personal trainer.

Courses are available both offline and online for people who want a career in fitness.  You can even get personal training certification courses online.  They  include one on one personal training, group trainers, indoor and outdoor techniques and much more.

You will gain experience of many health and fitness courses such as Pilates, kettle bell programs,  dance exercises, fitness equipment, yoga, tai chi and much more.

Specialist training courses

There are many requirements for fitness and some people need to be fit for their own careers.  For example people in the armed forces need to be permanently at a high level of physical fitness. Professional dancers could not perform if they were not fit.

Furthermore, fitness is not just for adults. In today’s world it has become ever more important for children and young people to ensure they have the physical fitness for life in the twenty first century.  All too often these people spend more time sat in front of a computer than getting the right exercise.  The result can be excess weight and shorter lives that lack interest and excitement.

Children’s fitness courses are mostly based on games and dance activities with periodic opportunities to do something different and special.  That might be trekking, cycling, swimming and a day on a climbing wall.

Just like adults it is necessary for children’s health and fitness education to provide  a high level of motivation.  Good course leaders might have a natural ability to work with children but more often they benefit from dedicated fitness leader training programs.

Children’s groups might meet after school or in the holidays.  Their time at those classes will give them a sound basis for understanding and enjoying fitness throughout their lives.

In fitness there is nothing like a one size fits everybody.  Each person’s requirements are individual to them and a good personal fitness coach must be capable of adapting to each person’s specific needs.  That’s why there are so many  fitness training courses both for professionals and people who just want to be fit for life.