Weight Loss Goals

Realistic goals for weight loss are important for your fitness program

Weight loss goals are like fitness goals; people often aim too high and come up with plans that cannot be realistically achieved. However, if you don’t have anything to aim for then you run the risk of failing to maintain Quote box for ...achievable fitness program and diet plan...a healthy weight. So you should have an achievable fitness program and  diet plan for weight loss that will go on for the long term.

Have you ever created a weight loss or fitness goal that lasted just a few weeks, or possibly only  a few days? It’s all too easy to aim for something that is not realistic causing you to give up when you don’t see the quick results you expected.

Important things to know when you are setting goals for weight loss

  • Maintaining the correct weight is essential for keeping fit.
  • Healthy weight loss means losing only around two pounds a week for most people.          Some weeks it will be less and other times it will be marginally higher.  The average        should be about two pounds.  Anything more than that can be counter productive or      even bad for you.
  • No doubt you have seen diets promising rapid losses of ten pounds a week and sometimes even more.  Those diets for quick weight loss only reduce water and sometimes muscle when your calorie intake is too low.  Then your body feeds on muscle rather than fat.  Only go on a very low calorie diet when supervised by a doctor.
  • There are many ways you can lose weight by eating healthy amounts of calories together with weight loss exercise to burn off the calories you don’t need. You don’t really need to eat very little as long as you balance the intake of calories with the right workout.  You will not just be managing your weight; you’ll also be getting fitter as you do so.

    Photo of tape measure on waistline

    Keep a measure on your weight loss as part of your fitness program.

Setting your own reasonable weight loss goals

Healthy weight management is not as difficult as many people believe it is.  Start by thinking  about your lifestyle.  There must be something you can cut out to reduce your calorie intake.    Consider the things you don’t want to stop eating. Can you increase the exercise in your daily routine?

Do it right and you will achieve your goal.  Your weekly weight loss goals should only aim for two pounds each week unless you really are capable of a more strenuous workout program.

Setting realistic weight loss goals for yourself is important to avoid ending up disappointed and giving up altogether. Healthy weight loss is a slow process.  When you get there you will see it’s definitely worth the effort so don’t give up.