Hot Fitness Courses Trends For Summer 2013

Will you give these new trends in hot fitness courses a try?

Are the latest fitness courses trends reported by New York Daily News worth taking a look at? Or are they simply something that is here today but gone tomorrow?  You decide.

“Functional training: …it’s a fitness buzzword, but with most adults spending up to 20 hours a day sitting or sleeping, this technique targets a range of fitness needs in a short amount of time…

Look for an upswing in classes such as TRX suspension training, P90X, bootcamp and kettlebell workouts, all designed to build strength for real-world activities.

Women lifting heavier weights: ”…women typically receive no encouragement to do serious strength training,” Steven Shrago, co-founder of CrossFit London, told Relaxnews, noting his dislike of pink dumbbells marketed to women. “To me, that is hugely insulting, and the opposite of empowering.”

. “…more can be accomplished with a solid weight-training routine than hours of cardio, and even more women will be aware of this in 2013.”…”  More at Three hot fitness trends for 2013 – New York Daily News | fun

Fitness courses have become more and more popular and important to so many people that new trends occur from time to time.

Yoga 23 photo

Yoga 23 image by o0bsessed via Flickr

Above are some of the most recent ones.  Perhaps we will start to see them taking place in the towns and cities where we live.

That happens with some fitness trends.  We’ve all come across anti-gravity yoga, Crossfit and Zumba and they might be here for the long term but what will happen as more new fitness courses trends are developed?


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