Kids Keeping Fit

Children like exercise

Keeping fit is not just for adults.  In today’s environment of watching televison or playing on a computer too many kids just do not get exercise on a frequent basis.  For some children that is changing as reported by the Harker Height Herald.

Perton, co-owner of Party House Fitness, said the summer heat factored into her decision to organize a free children’s workout event from 9 to 11:20 a.m. Saturday at Texas Tumblers in Harker Heights.

There are workouts for kids that include dancing, and prevent them from staying home or doing other outdoor sports where they are chasing a ball,” she said. “It’s Texas, and hot … so I completely agree with those kids not wanting to go outside.

…more at: http://kdhnews.com/harker_heights_herald/local/free-workout-event-geared-for-children/article_2530c610-ea6e-11e2-bf61-001a4bcf6878.html

Children really like exercising and do so without thinking of it as a means of keeping fit. It is just so much fun for them whether that is riding a bike or playing ball games.

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