Texercise Seniors Stay In Shape

Texercise Classes For Seniors

The right exercise helps seniors stay in shape and boost their physical capabilities.  They build strength and help to improve balance where necessary. Texercise classes for seniors Killeen Daily Herald reports on special classes for local seniors:

Margo Coster, program coordinator at the Bob Gilmore Senior Center, is by nature a vivacious woman, but this morning finds her uber-exuberant. “It is absolutely, no question, life-changing,” she said.

Coster is amped about Texercise, a 10-week program from Texas A&M specifically designed for folks age 60-plus. Funded by a grant from the U.S. government, it helps seniors achieve better health through dietary education and exercise. “They (A&M) came to us, showed us their course plan, and said we’d need at least 12 participants,” Coster said. “Well, I knew it’d be no problem to get 12 of our seniors and the more I studied the (program) materials, the more excited I became.”

…more at: http://kdhnews.com/living/texercise-class-helps-area-seniors-stay-in-shape/article_c0244370-0249-11e3-b130-0019bb30f31a.html

The seniors also get instruction on correct diets and how to do the right exercise so that they achieve maximum health benefit.


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