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Great claims have been made for tai chi.

Everything from helping with arthritis, weight loss, aging and diabetes.  Slow moving tai chi exercises are described as the perfect exercise in this quote from Reuters:

A staple in senior citizen centers and a common dawn sighting in public parks, the practice can offer long-term benefits for all age groups.
“In this high-tech world that’s all about speed, greed and instant gratification, tai chi is the antidote to bring us back to balanced health,” according to Arthur Rosenfeld, a tai chi master and the author of a new book called “Tai Chi – The Perfect Exercise: Finding Health, Happiness, Balance, and Strength.”

“It doesn’t mean you can win the marathon or clean and jerk 750 pounds or win a cycle sprint,” said the South Florida resident, 56. “It’s not about getting there sooner.” Tai chi is more about how the body works than how it looks, and is about aging gracefully and “with less drama.”…  More at Tai Chi For Fitness: Slow-Moving Chinese Exercise Can Improve

Tai Chi and a Kiss on the Hudson

Tai chi on the Hudson River.
Image by Tony Fischer Photography via Flickr

Whatever tai chi exercises are capable of doing for you they have gained added popularity through the film industry where we can see the latest tai chi movies.  These other sources give you more information and opinions about the movies:



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